A Taste of Autumn
Took place on Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
at Beechwood Farms
  from 6:15PM to 10PM
it featured:
a multi-course menu of
exceptional local Pennsylvania ingredients
as prepared by
Executive Chef Kevin Hunninen
of Point Brugge Cafe
Sold Out!

Reservations Closed

$85 per person
multi-course meal
Cheese Board and Appetizers
Complementary Beverages
Local menu ingredients included:
organic vegetables from
Blackberry Meadows Farm and
Kretschmann Organic Farm

seasonal forage from Western PA Forests

Free Range pastured meats
from sustainable Pennsylvania farms

selection of Pennsylvania Raw Milk Cheeses

with complementary beverage offerings from
select Pennsylvania Wineries and Breweries such as:

Boyd and Blair   East End Brewing   Glades Pike Winery
A portion of the proceeds from this dinner went to benefit:

Sponsored By:
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