Table Terroir is a dinner series hosted by Wild Purveyors LLC.  The focus of the dinner series is on sustainably grown, natural ingredients, the passionate farmers that produce the ingredients, and the creative minds that compile those ingredients into beautiful and delicious foods and beverages for everyone to enjoy.  Each dinner is held in a setting fit to enhance the natural essence of an exceptional local meal, and goes to benefit the local organizations that support, defend, and empower the enviroment that sustains the farms that make it all possible. 

To keep each dinner fresh and exciting, each meal will be created and prepared by a different chef and the setting of each dinner will be in different locations around the region.   

We thank you for: your interest in Table Terroir, your unending support of passionate local farmers that pour their hearts and souls into the quality foods they grow and produce, and your support of the chefs that are commited to using those all natural, local products. 

Wild Purveyors is greatful for being able to be a part of the sustainable local foods equation and graciously invites you to take part in this benefit dinner series.

Wild Purveyors is a company that sources all natural ingredients from Pennsylvania farms that employ sustainable farming practices, and supplies those exceptional ingredients to creative and passionate chefs throughout Pennsylvania.  For more information please visit WildPurveyors.com.

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2010 "A Taste of Autumn" Dinner reception
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